Running Behind Time

So as predicted, I looked like a noob on Thursday at uni decked out in all my new sports gear. I even stopped by Amart Sports on the way to uni to put a pair of runners I’ve been eyeing-off for a while now on layby. I didn’t buy them immediately for two reasons: a) I’m broke and b) I want to hold off and save them for a time when I deserve to reward myself. I know I really want (and possibly need) them but my 3 other pairs of runner will have to suffice until I both deserve them and can afford to get them! I’ll post a picture when I finally bring them home, but until then, like me, you’ll have to wait!



As I also mentioned previously, on Thursday I planned to join the uni “running group”. It didn’t end up being so much of a group as it was just me and the gym instructor (very good looking one might I add). This gym guy, let’s call him Mr Smiles, is madly trying to promote his gym and the classes such as Yoga, Self Defence and the running. I don’t think it’s working by the look of the turnout but the 3 days straight of pouring rain outside may have contributed… but didn’t stop me! Mr Smiles would’ve been able to stay in his nice dry gym if it hadn’t have been for me! We ran to the nearby gardens and did a couple of laps, it’s pretty hilly and heinitially thought I must’ve been faster so the pace was fairly unsteady and very hard work for me. I timed it using run keeper but I forgot to turn it off when we were doing the stretches at the end so it timed for a bit longer and made our average pace look a lot slower 😦 I’m still getting the hang of using the app. What I’d really like is a running watch but I feel I’ve made enough big sport related purchases lately so I think I’ll have to wait and save up and reward myself with it after completing maybe 2 or 3 events. 

In other news, I should be getting my pay next week! YAY! So I’ll be able to pay off my bike at last and start riding it to uni! Very excited! 

Until then…



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